Wakarchuk Lab

The Wakarchuk Lab for GlycoScience

Glycobiology Lab

Group Photos

March 2018: (L to R starting at the front) Sadia, Ting, Ray, Nakita, Bettina, Tasnim, Warren, Laura, Aj, Nathan, Hirak, You.

Alberta Crew

Warren W. Wakarchuk

Principal Investigator

Warren has been leading a glycobiology team since 1994. His expertise is in carbohydrate active enzymes, especially their structure and function. His team has been developing enzymes for the synthesis of bioactive molecules in vitro and in vivo. When not directing the team he can be found cooking or playing guitar.

Nicole Thompson BSc


Nicole is recent graduate of Waterloo University. She is working on enzymatic modification of glycopeptides, as well as characterizing the protein glycosylation performed by the synthetic OGO operons in E. coli.

Hirak Saxena MSc

PhD Candidate

Hirak has taken on a lead role in unravelling the O-mannosylation in Actinobacteria. He is applying synthetic biology to studying the biochemistry of this process in the hope of working out if this modification is coupled to protein export, and if there is a communication component to the story. He has also been working on the in vitro remodelling of therapeutic protein glycans.