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Glycobiology Lab

Group Photos

March 2018: (L to R starting at the front) Sadia, Ting, Ray, Nakita, Bettina, Tasnim, Warren, Laura, Aj, Nathan, Hirak, You.

Ryerson Crew

Warren W. Wakarchuk

Principal Investigator

Warren has been leading a glycobiology team since 1994. His expertise is in carbohydrate active enzymes, especially their structure and function. His team has been developing enzymes for the synthesis of bioactive molecules in vitro and in vivo. When not directing the team he can found cooking or playing guitar.

Nakita Buenbrazo MSc

Lab Manager

Nakita divides her time among all the projects in the Wakarchuk lab. She is an expert in enzymatic synthesis, master of protein expression and purification. Nakita has a passion for teaching and has trained many of the Wakarchuk lab undergrad alumni!

Aju-Sue Francis MSc


Aj has been applying her microbiology expertise to using Corynebacterium glutamicum as an expression host for a variety of proteins of interest to the Wakarchuk lab. She is helping to develop new expression vectors for this work.

Tasnim Abukar BSc

MSc Candidate

Tasnim is working between the Wakarchuk and Koivisto labs. Her chemical biology expertise is being applied to making fluorescent probes for enzyme studies as well as binding protein discovery and characterization.

Sadia Rahmani BSc

MSc Candidate

Sadia is working between the Wakarchuk and Antonescu labs (link to Antonescu lab here). Sadia’s cell biology expertise is being applied to functional studies of recombinant therapeutic proteins from the OGO project, as well studying how the O-GlcNAc modification is playing a role in regulation of clathrin mediated endocytosis.


Lynn D'Souza (Research assistant 2017-2018)

Laura Kell MSc (MSc 2016-2018)

Biprajit Sanyal BSc (MSc Candidate 2015-2018)

Dr. Bettina Janesch (Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2018)

Dr. Ting Du (Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2018)

Alison Mark (COOP student 2017)

Vika Bardahl (COOP student 2016)

Tina Papazatos (COOP student 2016)

Dr. Lyann Sim (Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2015)

Andrea Caple (COOP student 2015)

Brian Lam (COOP student 2015)

Mahrin Aziz (COOP student 2015)

Alejandra Culebro (Visiting PhD student, University of Helsinki, Dec 2014-Feb 2015)

Tamara Erak (MSc Candidate 2014-2015)

Bryan Hsu (4th year thesis student)

Soheilali Karmali (Volunteer/summer student, Sep 2013-Aug 2014)

Marc de Asis (2011-2013 MSc, Waterloo)

Katrina Delos Santos (Research assistant, Sep 2013-Aug 2014)

Gary Chan (Summer student 2013)

Liza Calhoun (COOP student 2013)